Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I rate Australian Universities ?

All Australian Universities are govt. funded and are AVCC members. The DEST (Department of Education Science & Training. Govt. of Australia) has released a rating of Australian Universities.

Is IELTS mandatory or can TOEFL do?

No, IELTS is mandatory for INDIAN students to apply for Australian visa.

Is GMAT required for MBA programs?

Not necessarily but some business schools do require GMAT score.

How shall I lodge my visa application?

You can lodge your visa through paper visa at the AHC in New Delhi or through e-visa at DIVP in Adelaide (Australia).

What is Graduate Diploma ?

Graduate Diploma is a one year Program that one can do after bachelor’s degree and if one studies for one more year the Graduate diploma is converted to Masters.

Can I change my institution?

One can change his institution after completion of one academic year in that institution.

Can I get credits for what I have studied ?

Yes, According to RPL(Recognition of Prior Learning) one can get credits for the subjects already studied.

Can I stay in Australia after completion of my course?

Yes, one can apply for a Permanent Residency and if it is granted you can stay in Australia.

Can I get scholarships in Australia ?

Yes, but scholarships are limited and there is high competition for them. (Please contact us for each university scholarship requirements).

I have done a diploma (any field) can I get admission in bachelor’s degree?

Yes one can get admission in bachelors degree with credits i.e. advanced standing.

Can one work part time during the course ?

A student is allowed to work 20 hrs. per week on part time basis during session/classes and full time in vacations.

What are the average monthly living expenses in Australia ?

The average monthly living expenses in Australia depends on the student, while generally it lies between A$600-1000.

If I am married can my family accompany me?

Yes your family can accompany you to Australia but one needs to show additional funds for the family (education and living expenses).

I am enrolled in a Master Degree Program can my spouse work full time in Australia ?

yes if you are enrolled in a masters degree or higher program. Then your spouse can work full time.

I am enrolled in a Certificate/ Diploma/ Advanced Diploma/ Bachelors/ Graduate Diploma program can my spouse work full time ?

No the spouse will have the same working rights as applicable to the principal applicant i.e. the student.

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